Things To Do & Phuket Activities

Where to start with Phuket activities, there are so many. This amazing Island offers something for everyone, rain, hail, shine, chilled or adventurous plus. From the sublime to the seemingly profane to the simply stunning, the range of Phuket activities and places to visit are remarkable for a destination of this size.


With such an abundance of sandy beaches and clear waters Phuket has a wide choice of beaches to suit every taste and requirement. Most of the beaches are located on the west coast of the island. The quieter beaches tend to be found towards the island’s north-west coastline, with the south-west coastline providing a more party atmosphere. Phuket’s beaches have it all for the sun seeker. Many also have nearby restaurants or wandering food sellers, so there is no need to interrupt your bronzing for lunch. Just remember to keep applying the sunscreen! The monsoon rains of May-October can bring unpredictable swimming conditions, so heed the posted flag warnings.

Health & Wellbeing

There is nothing better than be pampered for hours, scrubbed and soaked from our head to toe. From a massage at the local massage shop to a full day at one of the spa retreats or even a week-long detox program, you will find it on Phuket.


Shopaholic, like a bargain, handmade, something out of the ordinary or a snack Phuket has got you covered. From vendors wondering the beach, local street stalls to large shopping malls you will find it all. Oh, and men we have you covered with bar never far away you can chill and wait in comfort!!!

Boat Trips/Water sports

Phuket is surrounded by stunning waters that just beg for you to enjoy them. Clear, warm & inviting. From snorkelling to scuba diving, sea canoeing to paddle boarding, water park to white water rafting and for a couple months of the year, you are even able to surf.


With six plus golf courses on Phuket, there is a course to suit everyone’s handy cap.

View Points

Phuket is a hilly island thus lending its self to some spectacular viewpoints. From Promthep Cape in the south to Big Buddha in the middle of the island to Rang Hill which overlooks Phuket Town, we guarantee that you will find a viewpoint that will make you fall in love with Phuket.


Because the majority of Thai people are Buddhist you will find many temples (Wats) around Phuket. Some can be found easily while others you will need someone in the know!!! Chinese Shrines are also scattered around the island. You could spend a day or two just checking them all out, but please remember to be respectful when visiting.


The Thai people love to have a festival, whether it is for religious beliefs or just for fun, you are guaranteed to be encouraged to take part. Some are not for the faint hearted but most are family friendly.