Phuket Beaches

This huge Thai island is a world famous tourist destination, known for its beautiful hot sunny weather and the great choice of stunning Phuket beaches. The vast majority of the beautiful Phuket beaches can be found on the south west coast of the island. There are also a few beaches well worth a visit on the south and north west end of the island.

Warm, blue waters, soft white sand and a near perfect tropical climate combine to make Phuket beaches among the best in the world. The inviting waters of the tranquil Andaman Sea are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and plenty of other water sports.

Phuket has plenty of beaches to choose from and not surprisingly, the best ones are well developed and usually quite busy. Choosing the right Phuket beach for you is very important, of course, and each has a different character. From crazy parties to tranquility, we cover each Phuket Beach in detail to help you decide which suits you best.

North West Phuket Beaches

The north west Phuket beaches are generally considered the best beaches on the island. For the most part, they are white sand beaches that slope gently into the sea creating perfect environments for sunbathing and water activities.

The majority of beaches located in the north west are generally quieter and less developed then the busier beaches of south west coast. However, the area around these beaches are typically pricier. With expensive resorts occupying much of the beach fronts real estate. These beaches are less welcoming to the average beach goer that is not a resident at one of the resorts.
The major beaches are Kamala Beach, Bang Tao Beach and Mai Khao Beach but there are a large number of smaller beaches both easily accessible and some not so easily accessed. Read more detailed information about Phuket Beaches.

South West Phuket Beaches

The Phuket beaches on the south west coast are also the most famous. Not necessarily famous for their natural beauty but because of the tourist districts that occupy the surrounding areas. These are the busy beaches that made Phuket so famous.

On most of these Phuket beaches, you will find all of the accommodation options that you would expect at a tourist beach location. Here you will find water sport activities available, as well a huge choice of bars and restaurants. These beaches are generally more crowded then any beaches in Phuket but they are also the most easily accessible.

Along the south west coast of the island is where you will find Patong Beach as well as the beautiful Kata Beach and Karon Beach. Read more detailed information about Phuket Beaches.

South & East Phuket Beaches

The Beaches in the south of Phuket as a whole are the worst beaches for sunbathing and water sports, with the exception of Ao Yon Beach. The majority of the beaches in the south are located along the Chalong Bay and Cape Panwa. Most of the beaches along these coasts are rocky and narrow. When the low tide comes in, the water recedes very far from the shore, exposing a rocky seabed.

The majority of these beaches are relatively sheltered compared to those along the west coast. During the monsoon season, these beaches do not suffer as badly to poor weather as do the western beaches.

There are fewer tourists along the eastern and southern coast lines of Phuket. The beaches located here also offer more privacy then you would experience on the other Phuket beaches. In addition to the privacy, the south beaches offer beautiful views of Chalong Bay and Cape Panwa as well as many of the outlying islands. So for a more relaxing holiday and accommodation away from the crowds, the south of Phuket may be the perfect area for you to visit. Read more detailed information about Phuket beaches.