Phuket Restaurants

If you love food, you will love Phuket restaurants and eating out here. With so many restaurants on the island to choose from it can be hard deciding where to eat. The variety of cuisine and dining experiences is one of the major attractions of the island. You can eat breakfast at your hotel, lunch at a local noodle stall, and have dinner with fine wines in a sophisticated air-conditioned restaurant.

While Thai food is world-renowned for its wonderful flavours and fresh ingredients, Phuket is especially famous for its seafood. You don’t have to empty your bank account to enjoy it either. If you want cheap local food, you got it. If you would prefer a juicy steak, you got it. Or, if you want Italian, Mexican, Arabic, or Indian food, you can find it in Phuket.

Thai food is all about balance; sweet, sour, salt and spice.That’s why alongside many restaurant dishes you will be given a condiment set to adjust the food to your liking. While some Thai food can be very spicy, if spicy is not your thing, just say “not spicy” or in Thai, phed mai.

Eating food in Thailand is a time for family and friends to come together. So, grab your friends/family to enjoy a delicious meal whilst people watching.

Street Food

Thai street food is some of the best street food in the world. From meat on a stick and deep fried chicken, to Banana pancakes and a BBQ fish, straight from today’s catch of course. It can all be found at one of the many local markets around the island. Food markets are open everyday in Phuket. Plus, there are also plenty of mobile street carts to choose from too. Local Thai’s even open up the front of their homes to serve and sell food.


Phuket has plenty of cafes for a quick bite. There are local branded ones as well as your big brands such as Starbucks. So, if you are craving a little slice of home you will find it.

Fine Dining & International Restaurants

On Phuket there is no shortage of fine dining restaurants, Thai and International cuisines. They are all around the island from the Northern tip to the Southern tip. Phuket has no shortage of recognized chefs coming to the island to WOW you with their creations.


As mentioned Phuket is famous for its seafood. Try a Phuket Lobster, they are the very colourful ones. Seafood can be found at the local market as well as in the fine dining restaurants. Whatever your budget there will be seafood available in your price range. Whether you love to dine at only the finest Phuket restaurants, or are content with an authentic dish from the market, Phuket has it all. Let us introduce you to some.