Travel To Phuket

Phuket may be an island but are various way to travel to Phuket depending on your preferred mode of transport, your budget and how quickly you want to get from A to B. With an international airport on the island, many visitors choose to fly, but you do have the option to travel here over land, or using the great ocean that surrounds Phuket. What you opt for in the end will most likely come down to either money or time.

Travel By Land

The roads in Thailand are in pretty good condition compared with other parts of Asia. The highways generally well signposted, in both English and Thai. It takes approx 10 hours to drive from Bangkok to Phuket by car. There are lots of international car rental companies in Bangkok to choose from should you wish to hire a vehicle. Diving regulations and standards can be a little poor in Thailand, especially in a cities. If you’re not a confident driver with nerves of steal, seriously consider getting a bus or flying to Phuket instead.

Bus and coach are both popular ways to travel to Phuket, and across Thailand. It’s cheap and VIP coaches are big enough for you to recline your seat a little. Some coaches do have toilet facilities, but if there don’t, stops are made at road side restaurants and toilets during the journey. Travelling this way is also a great way to meet other people too. Any long distance buses and coaches that are arriving or departing into Phuket will operate from Bus Terminal 2 on Thepkrasatri Road, southbound on the northern edge of Phuket Town.

Unfortunately, there is no train service to Phuket, which is a real shame as train travel can be both a pleasant and affordable way of travelling. The closest train station to Phuket is Surat Thani. Travelling by train from Bangkok to Surat Thani on a sleeper train takes approx 12 hours. If you have the time (the journey takes about 12 hours) it’s well worth doing even if just to see what it’s like to chill out on a cabin bunk bed (Second Class) as you travel through the night. From Surat Thani you would then have to catch a bus to Phuket which takes about 5 hours.

Travel By Air

Fly into Phuket International Airport and you’re guaranteed a fuss free arrival. With daily flights available to Phuket from many parts of Europe and Asia, it’s not surprising that so many visitors pass through this airport during their travels. Of course there is also the option to fly into Bangkok first, which many people opt for due to the great flight deals available from worldwide destinations.

With there being plenty of budget airlines operating between Bangkok and Phuket everyday, it’s very cheap and easy for you to hop on the next plane south which only takes a mere 1 hour 20 minutes. Search for awesome flight deals with us today!

Travel By Sea

You can also travel to Phuket by boat from many of the surrounding islands. If you are ‘island hopping’, travelling by boat is a great way to get around as the ferries are fairly frequent and not too expensive. Ferries services operate on a daily basis and in most weather conditions. Some of the popular places to travel to/from include Phi Phi Island, Krabi and Koh Lanta. It’s all pretty straight forward when getting the ferry, just make sure you know before hand exactly what pier the boat leaves from. There is nothing worse than a last minute panic 2 minutes before it’s scheduled departure time. You can purchase ferry tickets at the pier before you depart. This is often the cheapest option too as some travel agents add a commission fee on top.

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